Day in the life of a Neanderthal…

Day in the life of a Neanderthal…

Tweet,tweet,tweet my eyes felt as like they were glued shut but I slowly opened them by the noise of the chirping birds in the distance. As I crept out of my rock and sandstone bed  I struggled to get my on my sandals made of wood and vines. As I slowly tiptoed out into the kitchen I heard.

“Andreas is that you?” my little brother  whispered.

“Pfft no you’re hearing things” I whispered.

“Really Andreas” He glared at me.

“Come on let’s go for a little walk and get supplies for mom and dad” I said

As we were walking I saw a saber tooth lion eating away at a poor helpless deer. We scoped out the lion and waited until he left so we could inspect the deer to see if there was anything useful to make lossoir with. Usually are parents would have to butcher the animals with a squishy substance called ochre. Me and my brother almost fell asleep while waiting until the tiger would stop tearing its victim to shreds. I heard a groan from the lion then the beast took a gander then made full on eye contact with me. The rock we were hiding behind had a hole my brother could fit in. I shoved him in the hole and stood still I only moved my arm a little because I had a itch on my arm. The lion pounced at me throwing his claws everywhere. I sprinted as fast as I could to the nearest hole i could find and i sqeezed myself in it. We waited until the lion disappeared in the distance just to make sure we don’t get trapped in the jaws of a furious lion. When the lion was nowhere to be seen we leaped into action. Me and my brother started digging around in the guts of the deer a lot of the ribs were cracked and broken but then I saw the most magnificent bone that would work perfectly for lossior. All that was going through my head was “oh mom and dad are gonna be so proud of me for being the best daughter for getting them an amazing bone. Me and my brother rushed home after that.

The sun was setting and what ended up being a little walk ended up being a mile walk.I saw the peak of the mountain my house was. My brother saw some stones that would be good tools for butchering animals I told him to get some vines to tie on the stone. When my brother and I got home we saw our mom making new shelves with mud she gathered. The mud hardens and it is as hard as a rock when It  drys. I saw my father and gave him the supplies we gathered on the way back from the walk. He was bouncing up and down when I handed it to him i was half asleep but I managed to listen to him. 

“Thank you” he said.

“Of course” I said.

“The supplies you gave me will make beautiful lossior”. He said happily.

“Did i tell you I almost got tackled by a lion”. I said laughing.

“Really? Well your ok and thats all that matters”. He said smiling.

“Well I’ll let you rest”. He said.

I layed down and closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

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  1. Hi Adriana,
    I love this story! You must of put in a lot of time and research. What gave you the idea to write about neanderthals?
    – Julia

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