The water bottle {My poem}

 The water bottle jumps off the shelf Bang!
Oh why? Oh why?
The water bottle rolls and spills on the floor
Oh why! Oh why?
Why did the water bottle jump of the shelf?
Don’t blame! Don’t blame!
Then wind went through the room with guilt on its face.
Why wind? Why wind?
Why did the wind make the water bottle jump to its fate?
Oh why! Oh why?
The empty bottle rolled on the floor
Empty! Empty!
The bottle is now empty inside.

I made this poem after a recent event in my class. My teacher wash writing on the board and she accidentally knocked her metal water bottle over. Everyone looked at her and laughed. She smiled and said, “no, it jumped”. I got this idea after what happened that day. This poem uses imagery and rhymes.

One thought on “The water bottle {My poem}”

  1. I really like that poem it was a smart idea for you to do that after your teacher knocked over her bottle.

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