Megaball icecream!

I’ve had a lot of memories this year but this one is my all time favorite. We made ice cream by hand. Mrs. Vazquez bought a plastic ball that freezes ice cream when you moved it around. We played some games out in the field where we all shook the ball around. We crushed oreos in the ice cream mixture before we went outside so it was oreo ice cream. It took a while for it to freeze but when we were finished it was delicious.

3 thoughts on “Megaball icecream!”

  1. Hi Adriana,
    My name is Briana I live in the Comox Valley, Which is in British Columbia Canada. That ice cream sounds so good! Whats your favorite kind of ice cream? Mines mint moose tracks or root beer. I hope you have a great day bye! Come visit my blog

    1. Hello,Briana!
      Thank you for visiting my blog! My favorite ice cream is cookie dough ice cream! I will make sure to vist you vlog!

  2. Hi Adriana,
    I am Kylee and I love those ice cream ball things! I live in Chimacum, Washington. I love how you shared your memory on your blog. I was wondering if you could check out my blog. Here is the link if you would like to. Thanks.
    With respect,

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